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Isilon Chief Speaks Out

It's been a tough 12 months for Sujal Patel. Just six months back, the founder of Isilon landed back in the CEO's seat (not his first choice) when his newly public company failed to thrive, prompting the board to reshuffle its executive deck and re-evaluate various aspects of its sales organization.

A new CFO and a self-imposed financial audit subsequently turned up accounting irregularities. Last week, Isilon revised some past earnings downward by about $7 million and issued its latest financial report in an effort to clear the air and start fresh.

It's a transition for Patel, who views last week as the closure required for Isilon to move on. We caught up with him last Friday, after a grueling week in the Wall Street hot seat. Here's what he told us:

Byte and Switch: How is it going? How do you see things shaping up for Isilon now?

Patel: I think of last nights call as a great transition for Isilon, closing one chapter of our history and getting through a difficult period for all our stakeholders in 2007. I’m absolutely excited about the market opportunity that I think Isilon has in front of it, totally excited about our position competitively in the marketplace.

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