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Investors Get a Fixia of Ixia

Test-and-measurement vendor Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) saw its stock leap up a healthy $1.38, nearly 8 percent, to $19.50 this morning, but the company hadn't announced any news.

What's the deal?

Ixia itself didn't have an answer. A spokesman noted, though, that while today's 1.5 million volume of shares traded was unusually high, trading in its stock has been much more active in the past two to three months, and today's spike was one of a number of recent share price leaps (see chart below).

The chart also shows a dramatic climb in Ixia's share price during the past six months. The 12-month low of $5.72 was recorded last August, but since then the firm has seen a steady rise to nearly four times that price.

Figure 1: Ixia's Stock: On the Up and Up
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