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Intransa Debuts Program

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Intransa, the global leader of scalable, network-centric IP storage solutions, today announced the industrys first certification program to enable ISVs to test, tune and certify applications with the latest scalable, enterprise 10 GbE storage solutions.

“As the demand builds for faster and less expensive IP storage in the enterprise so does the need to ensure that customers get the best performance out of their applications,” said Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing for Intransa. “As the first to offer a truly scalable IP network storage solution with 10 GbE, it was only to be expected that our customers and StorAlliance partners would ask Intransa for a certification program. With the implementation of 10 GbE our customers will now be assured that their experience is the best it can be.”

“It will take some catch-up on the part of OS, software and hardware vendors to take full advantage of the 10 GbE speed,” said Douglas F. Gibbs, PhD, pathology bioinformatics manager at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, who tested an Intransa StorStac System 10GbE PCU100 configuration during the beta trials. “Many of our initial test scenarios revealed that factors other than the Intransa system were rate-limiting in the tests.” He indicated that applications and even the Windows 2003 OS required tweaking in order to handle 10 GbE capabilities.

Vendors who enter the Intransa StorAlliance10 GbE Certified IP Storage Program are able to leverage Intransa’s extensive experience with IP networked storage, and perform testing in the company’s StorAlliance Certification Lab in San Jose, California. Testing includes network, storage and application tuning modules that allow participants to collect and analyze I/O traces, identify performance bottlenecks for elimination, code enhancement suggestions and assistance with any needed retesting. StorAlliance participants can display the “Intransa 10GbE Certified for IP Storage” logo on their website and marketing materials upon successful completion of the certification program.

"We are seeing rising interest in 10 GbE and iSCSI," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Intransa is focusing heavily on bandwidth intensive applications and 10 GbE will raise the level of performance and scalability for the markets they are going after. The certification program is an example of their strong commitment to 10 GbE and the realization that in order for solutions to run seamlessly and optimally, you need to address 10 GbE environments holistically."

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