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Intertrust Introduces New Technology for Protecting Secrets

AMSTERDAM(BUSINESS WIRE) Intertrust Technologies Corporation today unveiled its Sockeye Hardened Cryptography Solution ("Sockeye") for securing the company's Sushi Marlin client SDK (Software Development Kit). This technology is supported on media System on Chip (SoC) chipsets from Geneva-based STMicroelectronics (ST).

The Sockeye Hardened Cryptography solution provides an interface for supported chipsets to connect dedicated chip-based secure hardware to Intertrust's Sushi Marlin Client SDK. This allows sensitive information to be safely stored and processed using the native security features of the chipset to keep the sensitive information isolated from the application software. This technology enhances the robustness of the system by minimizing the exposure of sensitive data without adding an undue burden on the application software developer.

"In conjunction with the security mechanisms available on ST's leading-edge decoder chips such as the STi7105, the Sockeye Hardened Cryptography solution provides a secure and robust environment for Marlin client solutions already ported on ST platforms," said Laurent Remont, director of Advanced System Architecture, Home Entertainment and Displays Group, STMicroelectronics. "Marlin protects both operator and content provider content during delivery and this protection is ensured within the end consumer product through the combination of the Sockeye Hardened Cryptography solution and the secure, powerful and flexible multi-core architecture of the STi7105."

Intertrust is the world's only provider of advanced multiplatform OEM SDKs for Marlin servers and clients, such as Set Top Boxes, Internet televisions, personal computers, mobile phones, and other service-enabled devices.

"For over twenty years, Intertrust has been at the forefront of every major breakthrough in DRM and trusted distributed computing," said David Maher, Intertrust's executive vice president and chief technology officer. "From the first consumer DRM system in the 1990's to developing and launching Marlin, the first complete open standard for consumer DRM, we have delivered technologies that span the value chain from content provider to consumer. Our Sockeye Hardened Cryptography Solution is the latest such innovation that provides robust security in a virtually invisible fashion."

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