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Interop: Cisco Pushes Private Clouds

The emergence of virtualization and cloud computing are driving an explosive growth in demand for networking equipment of the same order of magnitude as seen during the early days of the public Internet

Marie Hattar, VP of network systems and security solutions marketing, said in a keynote address at Interop New York on Wednesday, thatCisco (NSDQ: CSCO) has begun working with companies to help them build "their own clouds."

Though Hattar said Cisco had begun working with companies to help them build private clouds, it wasn't clear from her talk what this work actually entails and whether she was referring to existing services or consulting offerings for companies venturing down data center automation and virtualization paths, or something more.

Of course, Cisco pushed the network as the central element to both the virtualization ad cloud computing trends.

"All of these changes are having a huge impact on the network," she said. "Most of you think that where you should start with virtualization is servers and storage, and that's really important, but it is the network that really connects everything."

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