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InteliCloud Unveils Network Platform

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- InteliCloud, a developer and manufacturer of next-generation network equipment, today announced the availability of its first product, the InteliCloud 360, which re-imagines network infrastructure by tightly integrating off-the-shelf components with proprietary hardware and software into a single chassis, dramatically simplifying the operation, scalability and overall agility of the network.

Unlike the disparate and complex hardware and software pieces used in conventional virtualized network platforms, the InteliCloud 360 presents a converged Ethernet-based infrastructure capable of carrying a multitude of traditional services, such as voice, video and data, and next-generation Web 2.0 services all originating from a single network.

The benefits of the InteliCloud 360 equipment for Internet service providers (ISPs) include a more than 60 percent reduction in power and space requirements, as well as a three-fold increase in the number of customers served per square foot when compared to todays market-leading blade and rack mount servers.

“What the iPhone did for mobile telecommunications, InteliCloud 360 is designed to do for the network,” said Ken Hubbard, president and CEO of InteliCloud. “We developed the software and hardware together so they talk to each other more cohesively, opening up the capabilities and cost-efficiencies of a single chassis while reducing dependence on multi-vendor solutions.”

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