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Intel Releases New Processor For High-End Servers

Intel released its dual-core Xeon processor for high-end servers with some extra benefits for high-performance computing.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based microprocessor maker started shipping the parts, formerly code-named Paxville MP, last week to system builders. Developed for servers that use four or more sockets, the processors use a dual 667MHz independent front-side bus for more throughput to the system’s chipset, a gateway to memory and I/O functions.

In Intel platform design for multiprocessors, two dual-core processors share the dual front-side bus. Intel’s dual-core offerings for one- and two-socket systems, released in October, rely on a single front-side bus.


The new processors also incorporate hardware-based virtualization capabilities. Those features will not be enabled until Intel releases a BIOS update early next year.

Intel’s entry into dual-core designs trails Advanced Micro Devices, which shipped its first products in April. Intel delivered all of its dual-core offerings several months early in an effort to catch its rival.

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