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Intel Foresees Smaller PC Form Factors, Integrated Access Points

Intel on Wednesday spelled out its vision for the digital office, which rests heavily on its upcoming Grantsdale and Prescott desktop platforms as well as hardware-based security features--all of which are slated to be available later this year.

Bill Siu, vice president and general manager in Intel's Desktop Platforms Group, said smaller, sleeker desktop BTX form factors will hit the market this year. The hardware also will come with integrated access points for wireless networking.

"I think this is a real breakthrough," Siu said of the new 6.9 liter form factor. "These actually use standard chassis and standard components," he said, adding that the new hardware will be available from "multiple sources this year."

Siu made his remarks during a speech at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. In a demonstration, Siu showed the new BTX desktop with the built-in access point, designed to provide wireless networking and synchronization inside a digital office.

Intel also expects to ship additional computing security features directly on its hardware later this year, Siu added. The features will be based on Intel's still-in-development La Grande technology, which company executives began discussing publicly last year.

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