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The inspector came and said

The inspector came and said "flip the switch" today. The meter is in and all is good. I didn't flip the switch because I think Steve should do that when he returns tomorrow. Just in case. :-)
Exchange is finally working. I spent an hour trying to find the server in Exchange Manager. It wasn't there and I almost took a hammer to the server after the first half hour. Finally it was discovered that you have to specifically enable the "Show administrative groups" in the option in order to see the server. It was there all along, but didn't appear by default. Grrrr.... Then I played the multiple select game in ADS again, creating mailboxes for all the employees. But at least it's up.
Tip of the day - when the server has redundant power supplies, plug them BOTH in. Even when you're just staging the machines. I've got way too many machines on one circuit right now and the blinking orange alert light freaked me out. Plug in both power supplies and they stay a happy blue. Also, don't put the bezels on until you know you won't have to use the power switch. If you watched carefully today you might have seen an interesting wrestling match between myself and the bezel. It almost won.

The rails are in the second rack, awaiting servers. As soon as the switches arrive the servers can be moved to their new home. We're almost there ...
I've also decided that there is a downside to getting new hardware and equipment. The boxes. We usually save the boxes and packing material for equipment we review because, well, it has to go back eventually. But this stuff we get to keep, so we don't need the boxes. But that means you have to break them down and carry them away. And there were a lot of boxes in the lab until yesterday....