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Insight Offers Replication Service

ORANGE, Calif. -- Insight Investments Corp., a leading independent lessor of IT and medical equipment, today announced formation of the Insight Recall Division ( to deliver dedicated storage-based data replication and recovery services to medium-sized enterprises.

Insight Recall provides a secure, cost-effective offsite data center that enables them to quickly recover data that might otherwise be lost because of system crashes, natural disasters or other causes. Company data is restored to full functionality in a minimum amount of time and at a cost that is significantly less than the high infrastructure and monitoring costs usually associated with replication services. A typical 200-employee company with 20 TB of data storage can pay as little as $2000 a month.

According to Chris Aliberti, Insight Investments senior vice president of sales, this new and unprecedented service is made possible by breakthrough WAN optimization technology complemented by a customer-dedicated transportable storage device installed at a Tier One secure data center that replicates the customer’s existing storage.

“We’ve assembled a highly trained, experienced team of technology experts,” Aliberti stated, “who can assess a customer’s data replication needs, determine which data files and data types require frequent replication, develop schedules for replicating data, and assist in configuring and operating a system to protect that critical data. As a result, enterprises can realize significant cost savings by using our service rather than building their own million-dollar data center.”

Insight Investments Corp.