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InformationWeek?s NAC Virtual Trade Show

Starting at 11 a.m. on April 22, InformationWeek's virtual trade show will open its doors. We have fielded a list of presenters that cover various topics surrounding NAC.
There's a lot of information on NAC. Much of the material discusses the technical aspects, which are important, but there are other considerations, such as the drivers, a topic discussed by Mike Fratto, lead NAC analyst for InformationWeek; the role of identity brought to you by Robert Richardson, director of the Computer Security Institute; and standards development by Steve Hanna, distinguished engineer with Juniper Networks and co-chair of the TCG/TNC and IETF NEA working groups.

You also will hear from Robert Maley, CSO for Pennsylvania, describing how not all end-points are created equal. His problem endpoints are servers and he will discuss the importance of ensuring the hosts and the applications are hardened. Jennifer Jabbusch, network security engineer for Carolina Advanced Digital, talks about planning for NAC and all the organizational issues that need to be figured out.

Coming soon is a rousing talk with Alan Shimel, chief strategy officer of StillSecure; Dominic Wilde, VP of marketing for Nevis Networks; and myself. We talk about everything about NAC that we could cover in the time to down a pint of beer. It ran so long, we had to cut it into two parts. Also included are an aggregation of articles, reviews, and video demonstrations.