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Info Leak Prevention for the Mid Market

Code Green Networks is launching an information leak prevention appliance for the mid market. The appliance sits at the boundary of the internal network and monitors e-mail, Web mail, HTTP and FTP traffic for sensitive corporate information.
The appliance sits off a span or tap port and reassembles traffic as it leaves the organization. It compares the traffic to a collection of stored fingerprints of sensitive data, and will invoke administrator-defined policies if it detects a match. In its current release, the appliance can only send alerts if it detects confidential information.

That said, it does have a blocking capability for e-mail. It blocks e-mail through the use of a built-in MTA that holds e-mail until cleared. Cleared e-mail is then redirected to the company's mail server. The company says it plans to deploy blocking capabilities for the other protocols some time in 2007.

For companies using e-mail encryption systems from PGP or Voltage, Code Green can help enforce encryption policies; the built-in MTA will re-route unencrypted e-mail to an encryption server.

To create fingerprints, the appliance must be pointed to the source data (Word or Excel files, source code, CAD files and so on) to create the hashes that make up the fingerprints.

Pricing starts at $25,000 for up to 250 users. A thousand users bumps the price tag to $50,000. Unlimited users is $100,000. The company was started by Sreekanth Ravi,the founder of firewall appliance vendor SonicWall.