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Index Unveils Partner Program

LOS ANGELES -- Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery solutions, today announced its Litigation Ready Partner Program, a comprehensive partner ecosystem that pairs discovery experts with next-generation enterprise search technology to reduce the data discovery process from months to days. For the first time, companies can search tape archives, without first restoring the data, to find relevant files and email. This allows them to restore only what they need rather than the entire tape contents, significantly saving both time and money.

In addition to offering compelling discovery resources to customers, The Index Engines eDiscovery Partner Program has also been designed to provide superior technology and resources for partners as they embrace the growing revenue opportunities in the high-demand market for eDiscovery. The program delivers compelling sales and marketing initiatives for lead generation, technology training, sales education and tools to assist during customer engagements.

“Index Engines has given us both the technology and the tools to grow our eDiscovery practice exponentially,” said Chris Clark, Chief Operating Officer, National Data Conversion. “With the Index Engines Enterprise Tape Engine we know we have the superior discovery solution our customers need to streamline their online discovery processes and eliminate the need to restore offline tape content in order to retrieve actionable data. But, the program has given us more than great technology. Index Engines’ superior training, sales education and assessment tools have also given us the extra industry expertise and resources to become a true leader in our field.”

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