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Index Engines Expands E-Discovery Tools

HOLMDEL, N.J. -- Index Engines, providers of the fastest enterprise discovery technology on the market, today announced the ability to index and extract electronic stored information (ESI) across offline tape, network storage, file shares, forensic images and hard drives via one platform and user interface. This unique functionality allows users one point of entry into their stored data for collection and initial culling to manage costs early in the eDiscovery process. With Index Engines enterprises can now dedupe, search and extract through one unified platform, reducing redundancy, time and cost associated with using multiple tools to access only segments of their ESI.

"Index Engines has taken our unique capabilities to access backup data on tape, and applied the same unmatched speed and scalability to other storage containers," said Tim Williams, CEO of Index Engines. "Our new platform changes the way companies will approach eDiscovery. Instead of collecting data in various locations with a suite of different applications, Index Engines now allows electronic discovery to be powered by one solution. eDiscovery via one interface translates into significant savings of both time and money."

Index Engines Inc.