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Index Engines Adds to Tape Discovery

HOLMDEL, N.J. -- Index Engines, providers of the fastest enterprise discovery technology on the market, today announced the ability to filter by file type and content prior to automatically indexing data stored on backup tapes. This new feature allows litigation support professionals to sort and cull out irrelevant files types, such as system files and executables early in the collection process. Index Engines has increased the efficiency of tape discovery, saving time and money during litigation.

"Our experience has shown us that on average less than 5% of data stored on backup tape is valuable," said Jim McGann, VP of Marketing for Index Engines. "At Index Engines we continue to work with our customers to bring ever more efficiency to the tape discovery process. By allowing faster access to this relevant percentage of information, we ensure that those critical nuggets of stored data can be retrieved in the fastest, most cost-effective manner."

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