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Imation Intros Tape Tracking

OAKDALE, Minn. -- Imation Corp (NYSE: IMN), a worldwide leader in removable data storage media, today announced the DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System, a first-of-its-kind data storage tracking system allowing data center managers to reliably and efficiently track the location of data cartridges within their inventory.

At a time when sensitivities around misplaced data are at all-time highs, this ground-breaking solution increases the reliability of a company’s tracking and inventory, and more efficiently manages overall storage processes in the face of increasing and challenging compliance requirements. Imation’s comprehensive DataGuard rf tracking system utilizes specially designed RFID-enabled labels affixed to each tape cartridge allowing administrators to “check in” and “check out” each cartridge via entry and exit workstations. The cartridges – or case of cartridges – are then tracked via B&L Associates’ VaultLedger or Vertices software. The DataGuard rf system provides extensive list and audit reporting capabilities, decreasing the amount of time data center personnel spend on managing tape libraries.

“The essential role of tape in the data center hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the increasing pressure on data center managers, for reasons of compliance and governance, to be able to locate and retrieve data quickly,” said James Milligan, general manager, Commercial/OEM Division, Imation. “Today’s more stringent information security and financial compliance laws, as well as audit requirements, are driving organizations to examine their processes for managing these assets. In some cases, organizations are required to publicly disclose data loss or theft which often results in negative exposure.”

Imation Corp.