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IE Exploit Strikes, Installs Spyware

The unpatched CreateTextRange vulnerability in Internet Explorer is already being used by at least one Web site to install spyware on users' machines, a security organization said Friday.

"We just received a report that a particular site uses the vulnerability to install a spybot variant," the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center (ISC) warned Friday in an alert. "It is a minor site with insignificant visitor numbers according to Netcraft's 'Site rank.'"

Disclosed only Wednesday, the flaw in IE 5.01, 6.0, and the January version of IE 7 Beta 2 Preview has security vendors worried because a patch isn't available from Microsoft. Thursday, as news circulated that a working exploit had been publicly posted, Microsoft said it was working on a fix.

Even before the site exploiting the CreateTextRange bug was discovered, security companies had raised alarms. The ISC bumped up its InfoCON level to "yellow" for the first time since the Windows Metafile fiasco in late December, when another "zero-day" flaw hit Windows users.

"It's a relatively trivial mod[ification] to turn [the exploit] into something more destructive," the ISC warned. "For that reason, we're raising Infocon to yellow for the next 24 hours."

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