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IE 7 Security Update Picture Remains Muddy

Although Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview, has been touted by the Redmond, Wash. developer as more secure, its security status remained muddy on Thursday as confused users wondered whether recent patch updates applied to them.

"Do I need this patch if using IE7b2?" asked a user identified as "Melelina" on the Microsoft-run newsgroup where IE 7 messages are posted. The user was referring to security bulletin MS06-013, the massive patch batch unveiled Tuesday that fixed 10 flaws in earlier editions of IE.

"If Windows/Microsoft Update or Automatic Updates offers it, yes," responded "Robert Dyer, a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), a program that recognizes advanced users with special expertise in company products.

Dyer corrected himself moments later, however, and noted that MS06-013 doesn't specify IE 7 as one of the affected editions.

In tests on multiple machines running IE 7 Beta 2 Preview (March 20 edition), TechWeb updated via Microsoft Update, but didn't receive the fixes in MS06-013.

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