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Identity Theft Victim Launches Identity Theft Services

KnightsBridge Castle Inc., a 13-employee startup in Woodside, Calif., plans to launch identity theft services in March supported by software and applications that an identity theft victim designed.

In fact, the company's founder and executive vice president became an identity theft victim three years ago while recovering from a serious illness in a hospital. That experience led to products and services now being piloted.

The firm's Eye-spy service -- touted as a portal for organizing and monitoring the information needed to keep a secure identity -- aims to stop identity theft from occurring, rather than cleaning up the mess after the crime.

Consumers can purchase services direct from KnightsBridge Castle. Banks, insurance agencies and other companies also will have an option to offer customers and employees credit alerting, monitoring and detection services.

Software written in Java and Lisp that scans more than 80,000 paid subscription databases supports the service. The company said it can detect unauthorized access and use of social security numbers, driver license numbers and other identification.

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