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Identity Engines Supports Open1X

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Identity Engines, a
leading provider of identity-centric access control for secure
networks, today announced that the company is a founding member of
the OpenSEA Alliance, a newly formed group dedicated to providing
open source networking and security alternatives in order to
accelerate technology adoption and enhance network security. In its
initial project, the OpenSEA Alliance plans to develop a robust
cross-platform open source 802.1X supplicant that models the popular
Firefox web browser in that it will be extremely reliable, widely
distributed, and readily available. In addition to financial
support, Identity Engines is assisting the Alliance through the
professional contributions of employees who are actively engaged in
the direction and development of the open-source 802.1X supplicant
supported by the OpenSEA Alliance.

Sean Convery, Identity Engines' CTO, was appointed a board member at
the founding of the OpenSEA Alliance and concurrently serves as
Treasurer. Chris Hessing will continue as chair of the Open1X Project
Management Committee (PMC) that is responsible for directing the
development of the open-source 802.1X supplicant. Hessing has
chaired the Open1X PMC since its inception and has also been the lead
developer on the project since 2002. Under Hessing's leadership, the
Open1X project has become one of the leading supplicants available
for Linux. To further jumpstart the open-source supplicant project,
Identity Engines is also contributing the talents of three engineers
including two other members of the PMC and a graphical user interface
design expert.

Identity Engines' dedication to accelerating the 802.1X port-based
authentication standard has placed its customers well ahead of the
curve in securing complex wireless and wired environments. Within
the OpenSEA Alliance, Identity Engines is further committed to
encouraging 802.1X adoption by accelerating the development of
technologies that make deployment of 802.1X-compatible infrastructure
a practical reality for enterprises and universities alike. In
addition, the company will conduct sneak previews of the OpenSEA
Xsupplicant at Interop, booth #1014, May 22-24, in Las Vegas.

"I am excited to be involved in the OpenSEA Alliance initiative,"
said Sean Convery. "Identity is at the center of network security's
ongoing advancement; OpenSEA's efforts to promote interoperable
enterprise-grade 802.1X deployments will help push this evolution even

Identity Engines Inc.