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Ibrix Intros Storage Offering

BILLERICA, Mass. -- IBRIX Inc., the leader in scalable file serving solutions, today announced the availability of the IBRIX Fusion Digital Bulk Storage Solution™, the first and only bulk storage solution for managing large content repositories. IBRIX Fusion Digital Bulk Storage is deployed on commodity servers with direct attached, low-cost storage and provides an easy-to-manage single namespace solution that scales from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes. Compared to the costlier and more complex solutions available today, the IBRIX Fusion Digital Bulk Storage Solution offers enterprise-class availability, resiliency, and aggregate performance at a price point never before available. The IBRIX Fusion Digital Bulk Storage Solution is available as a turnkey solution from leading OEMs.


Faced with the exploding popularity of Web 2.0 user-generated content, growing interest in sharing and saving all types of digital files, and heightened data retention regulations, businesses today are challenged with managing burgeoning amounts of unstructured data. Moreover, managing petabytes of distributed, unstructured data is extraordinarily more complex than managing several terabytes of transactional data in the typical enterprise data center. Features of the solution suite include:

  • Single namespace scalability from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes.
  • Scalability to high aggregate performance using standard protocols such as NFS and CIFS.
  • Highest availability, resiliency, and self-healing using IBRIX Fusion Segment Mirroring™.
  • IBRIX Fusion File Cloning™ allows multiple replicas of a single file for availability and redundancy.
  • Automatic load balancing and intelligent data redistribution using IBRIX Fusion Segment Rebalancer™.
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