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IBM & the Virtual Chargeback

Moving to address the business end of virtualization, IBM today acquired CIMS Lab, a Roseville, Calif.-based private company that sells software that monitors and reports on IT resource usage. (See IBM Acquires CIMS Labs.)

IBM did not disclose the purchase price.

CIMS Labs primary product line monitors data on storage, servers, and applications, and creates chargeback and management reports. The idea is to help organizations bill internal departments and business units for the IT resources used.

IBM sees this as a missing piece of storage virtualization. Because virtualized storage consists of pooled resources, it is difficult to track and determine how resources are being used, according to director of director of storage sofware strategy Ron Riffe.

“Instead of counting individual boxes, companies are working with a shared set of resources,” Riffe says. “CIMS software lets them track utilization and bill their constituents for resources they’re using.”

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