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IBM Steps Out of the Shadows With XIV

IBMs somewhat strange rollout of its XIV clustering technology has left many people scratching their heads about the vendor’s long-term grid roadmap.

After acquiring XIV for a rumored $350 million earlier this year, IBM has maintained pretty much radio silence about its plans for the little-known Israeli startup.

Then, last week, IBM finally brought a rebranded version of XIV’s Nextra block storage system out of the shadows, albeit in a note that appeared on the IBM Website.

In an era when vendors are desperate to get any shred of attention from customers (and journalists), at least one analyst was surprised by IBM’s ultra-soft launch.

”I find the whole thing a bit odd,” wrote Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT Research, in an email to Byte and Switch. “Given the amount of noise the company initially made about the XIV acquisition you’d think someone in the company would realize that going out the gate so modestly would attract attention.”

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