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IBM Promotes Open Approach To Virtualization

IBM rolled out an enhanced open approach Tuesday to virtualization as part of a concerted effort to jump-start adoption of these technologies in the enterprise.

To spur that effort, IBM unveiled Virtualization Engine 2.0 and pledged it would work to create a standard approach that uses Web services to integrate its virtualization products with offerings from other vendors.

Included in Virtualization Engine 2.0 is a new Resource Dependency Service that provides a portal view of all system resources in the enterprise, new tools for configuring and deploying virtual servers, and better integration with existing IBM systems management tools.

In general, virtualization technologies have seen relatively slow adoption across the entire enterprise infrastructure because of the massive social and technical changes they bring in terms of how systems are managed, said Rod Atkins, vice president of development for IBM's Systems and Technology Group. This is a market condition IBM hopes to alleviate by taking a more open-standards approach to its product lineup, Atkins said.

That effort, Atkins said, will include a move by IBM to work more closely with industry organizations such as the DMTF, OASIS, W3C and the Open Group to help promote adoption and proliferation of open interfaces around virtualization technologies.

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