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IBM Embraces Dynamic Infrastructures

IBM has announced services and products the company says will bring more intelligence, automation, integration, and efficiencies to the digital and physical worlds. The new offerings are designed to enable clients to build dynamic IT and business infrastructures that use powerful computing systems to manage and gain insight from the increasing number of physical assets instrumented with intelligent sensors. According to IBM, the key requirements of dynamic infrastructures include:

  • The integration of digital and physical infrastructures, providing the ability to use information technology to manage business processes, increasingly intelligent physical infrastructure, and assets, and drive new and improved services.
  • The ability to manage, store, and analyze the 15 new petabytes of information the world is generating daily -- eight times more information than in all U.S. libraries combined -- and to address requirements associated with governance, compliance, availability, retention, risk, and security.
  • A reduction of massive inefficiencies and greater resilience in today's interconnected world, where data center costs for energy, space, etc., have risen eightfold since 1996, and distributed server use averages just 6 percent to 15 percent.

IBM's new dynamic infrastructure hardware, software, and service solutions are designed to help clients better respond to, and manage, global business challenges.

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