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IBM, BEA Join In Pursuing New Java Specs

IBM and BEA Systems Inc. on Tuesday introduced specifications that would add consistency among Java-based infrastructure software, and make it easier to use the Java platform within a service-oriented architecture, a framework for what proponents claim is the next-generation of distributed computing.

The two rivals, who together dominate the market for Java-based infrastructure software, proposed three standards that they said would simplify the process of connecting business applications across application servers based on the Java 2-enterprise platform.

Current standards have brought some consistency among application servers that run Java applications and connect to data stores. However, there's still enough inconsistency among different brands of the infrastructure software to give developers headaches.

"There's core elements that are the same, but each vendor then adds stuff on top that's proprietary to that vendor's approach," Jason Bloomberg, analyst for market researcher ZapThink LLC, said. The proposals from IBM and BEA increases the consistency among Java-based application servers by offering specifications for technologies that would sit on top of the Java platform."

IBM, based in Armonk, N.Y., and BEA, San Jose, Calif., are publishing the specifications on a royalty-free basis and are seeking industry feedback. They also plan to submit the technology to the Java Community Process, the industry group formed by Java-creator Sun Microsystems Inc. to set standards for the platform.

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