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I broke it.

Or maybe Bruce's testing broke it. Or maybe a network gremlin came along and decided to be mean and break it cause they thought we needed even more excitement.
Regardless of who's to blame, NWC Inc. is broken. Not everything, just the app server. It's been acting weird for a while and we haven't been able to diagnose the problem. I started a fresh install on a nice shiny clean OS and guess what - same error. Apparently I need to tell WebSphere to pretend that the local DB2 database used as a repository is a remote instance, otherwise no more than 10 connections to the database can be made.
That sounds funky, but that's what the error represents, according to IBM's web site.

Unfortunately, following the directions to fix it isn't working either.
So while I'm trying to figure it out, NWC Inc. transactions aren't working. The web services are working, but nothing that involves WebSphere is working right.