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HyTrust Launches Virtual Infrastructure Mgt. Appliance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- HyTrust, Inc. launched today with a mandate to enable enterprises to virtualize their critical production applications by ensuring operational readiness of virtual infrastructure. At its launch, the company introduced HyTrust Appliance, which serves as a central point of control, management and visibility for virtualized environments. Without these essential elements, virtualization within most organizations remains relegated to testing environments in the lab, proof-of-concept projects, or "low hanging fruit" server consolidation initiatives. HyTrust puts the controls in place that free organizations from these limitations, enabling virtualization of even the most critical tier-one applications and allowing them to achieve the maximum benefit and return on investment from virtualization.

Faced with mounting economic pressures, IT executives are looking to virtualization to meet enterprise IT needs with reduced budgets. Based on a recent IT spending survey by Goldman Sachs, 45% of respondents expect to virtualize over 30% of their servers (up from just 7% today), suggesting a much more aggressive penetration of virtualization.“ Yet, say experts such as Becky Bace, president/CEO of Infidel and the former head of the intrusion detection research program at NSA, “Without a solution like HyTrust to provide visibility and control, the risk is just too great.”

HyTrust Appliance provides centralized control, directory integration, compliance and security—requirements that become mission-critical as virtual infrastructures scale up and production applications get virtualized. Analysts and industry pundits are quick to point out that in addition to immediate cost savings, virtualization enables a more flexible and dynamic infrastructure that can quickly morph to meet changing needs of the enterprise. Due to significantly higher rate of change in virtual infrastructure, automated controls are necessary to ensure that security and operational readiness is on par with that of physical environments. In addition, given the spread of virtualization, companies are now being faced with meeting regulatory compliance of their virtual infrastructure. HyTrust allows enterprises to meet these needs and answer the demands of auditors. The HyTrust solution was created to proactively address the new challenges presented.

“HyTrust addresses these issues and provides a comprehensive and automated solution that maintains or enhances the processes needed to manage and secure a modern data center while benefiting from the advances that workload virtualization brings,” said Peter Christy, principal, IRG International.

“The HyTrust platform sets in place a firm foundation upon which virtualization can thrive and grow dynamically, while maintaining control as well as a secure and compliant environment,” said Eric Chiu, president & CEO, HyTrust. “HyTrust empowers companies to realize the tremendous productivity and cost benefits of virtualization by consistently enforcing policy as well as automating current manual procedures to achieve best practices.”

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