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HP Unveils OpenView Network Configuration Manager

Hewlett-Packard has repackaged a change and configuration management product from Voyence and renamed it HP OpenView Network Configuration Manager, HP said Thursday.

Available Aug. 1, the new OpenView product is an HP-branded version of VoyenceControl NG, which maps enterprise networks and can report and roll back changes, said Jeff Scheaffer, senior product manager for the network management business at HP, Palo Alto, Calif.

HP OpenView Network Configuration Manager "gives you a complete history of who is accessing devices, the configuration of those devices," Scheaffer said. "And then it takes those changes, events, configurations, operating system settings and firmware data and incorporates all of it into root-cause analysis."

Identifying and rolling back complex changes that create network latency--or just quickly identifying, for example, how many devices in a network are running a Cisco operating system that needs to be updated--can be performed by the new OpenView product, said Scheaffer. Compliance reporting can also be done using the rebranded Voyence software, he added.

The move will put to the test the ability of Voyence to protect its small group of partners from losing deals to HP once OpenView resellers get their hands on the rebranded Voyence product, said Mitch Miller, director of channels at Voyence, Richardson, Texas.

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