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HP to Buy Green IT Consultant

HP is looking to expand its storage services story by acquiring privately held consulting firm EYP Mission Critical Facilities for an undisclosed fee.

The New York-based consulting firm designs and builds large-scale data centers, specializing in power and cooling issues, something that is fast becoming an integral part of vendors' storage pitches.

Despite a flurry of marketing spiel from vendors, users have complained that there is currently no silver bullet for solving their data center power woes, citing the need to juggle an array of different products and solutions.

By using EYP to target companies at the data center planning stage, HP claims that it will help solve many of these issues.

"This is about helping customers deal with their next-generation data center, designing it and building it," says Brian Brouillette, vice president of HP technology services. "HP today has tremendous strength in servers, storage, and networks, but what we have not had before is the ability to talk with a client much further upstream."

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