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How To Reap ROI From Mobile Computing

Mobile devices, such as smart phones and handheld computers that use cellular or Wi-Fi technology, give enterprise users ready access to phone, email, websites, and company applications while in the office, at home and when on the road. But the question facing many enterprises is whether it’s worthwhile to equip some or all of its employees with mobile technology. Let’s take a look at how mobile computing can contribute to a solid ROI.

Improving Productivity in the Workplace

One of the primary benefits of mobile computing is a gain in efficiency. You can reduce the amount of time or number of people needed to perform specific tasks, which lowers costs and increases revenue, and of course results in higher profits.

I can definitely attest to the merits of a smart phone. For example, while on my vacation this summer, I received an email from someone who needed an immediate quote for defining their mobile solution requirements. With my smart phone, I was able to read the email and respond to it in just a few minutes while waiting in a car for my wife. If it weren’t for the smart phone, I would have likely missed the business opportunity.

Over the course of a week, I find dozens of idle times to stay abreast of email and take care of important business via my smart phone. While walking to my associate’s office, for example, I can read and respond to a couple email messages. I can do the same while riding in a taxi or waiting to board a flight. Recently, I had a chance to check email just after getting my mouth numbed to have a tooth filled. Life is getting crazy!

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