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How to Hire Reliable Remote Tech Talent


If you're ready to hire more tech talent at your company, the path to success may involve looking for remote workers. Advancements in technology help employees get things done anywhere with an internet connection.

Buffer's State of Remote Work 2019 report was based on a survey of nearly 2,500 remote workers and found that tech roles are among the most common jobs they hold. More specifically, 38% of participants said they worked in software, and 18% fell into a category called IT and services.

Moreover, 69% of overall survey respondents said they work as remote employees, and 22% classified themselves as freelancers or self-employed. The information from the Buffer survey should reinforce that many tech professionals work remotely and that it's not far-fetched to hire some of them at your company.

Hiring a team member you may never meet face to face undoubtedly has challenges. Here are some things you should do to increase favorable outcomes when interviewing remote workers or deciding to bring them on board.

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