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Hot Apps: LockNote

You'll be able to toss out your sticky notes or scraps of paper with passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. After you’ve set up LockNote, one of the most elegantly simple, single-purpose utilities I've seen recently.

LockNote, by encryption and privacy software publisher Steganos, secures a document of free-form text of your choice in a clever way (I’m not telling) that should hide itself well from most malware. It performs this magic without mucking up your Windows registry; splattering files around your hard disk; or, during my testing, conflicting with other software such as system-wide encryption tools and security suites. LockNote simply does its work modestly when you request and otherwise stays out of your way.

You won’t need a help file — even if one were available. Usage is really this simple:

  1. Download LockNote from the Steganos Web site. Even at dialup speed, the download takes little more time than the blink of an eye.
  2. Click the downloaded file to begin creating your document. (No installation is required.)
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