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Holiday Reading

Summer's officially here! Between Canada Day and Independence Day, North America should be pretty much beach- and barbecue-bound for the next few days.

Still, we know at least a few of you will sneak in from the backyard for an occasional quick peek at the ol' screen. If so, check out the following coverage on Byte and Switch:

  • EMC/RSA. Catch the full announcement story with Tucci's remarks and analysis from Wall Street pundits, followed by interviews with users and second-day analysis of the deal. (See EMC Secures RSA for $2.1B, Users Welcome Super-Deal, and Did EMC Overpay?.)

    What's your take on the RSA buy? Take our poll to weigh in.

  • Storage Standards. The leading storage vendors have promised you interoperable management specs for their equipment and software. But instead of delivering, they're figuratively fighting over the shape of the table. Read about IBM's Eclipse of Aperi, the stern stand of Sun and the SNIA, and other standards skirmishes. (See IBM: Aperi Lives.)

    Then, sound off.

  • Data Management. Read how users are -- and aren't -- meeting the challenges of organizing data for compliance. (See Users Self-Destruct on Governance and De-Classifying Data Classification.)
  • Just for Fun. Intriguing connectivity results... Weird robots... Larry Ellison eliminates Harvard... (See Ethernet Enlarges Supercomputing, C3PO Shoots... and Scores!, and What To Do With $100M?.)

    Above all, drive safely, drink responsibly, and enjoy!

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