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Hardware Vendors Rally Around AMD With New Dual-Core Servers

As Advanced Micro Devices readies the introduction of its first dual-core processors on Thursday, hardware vendors are rallying their first servers based on the new chips.

IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems all plan Thursday to unveil new products running on dual-core chips from AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif. The new processors contain two CPUs that operate simultaneously, allowing a single processor to work as two. This, in turn, makes a two-way server perform as a four-way server, a four-way server perform as an eight-way server, and so on.

On Thursday, IBM plans to unveil dual-core support for its existing AMD-based eServer and Intellistation products. The IBM e326 server is already dual-core ready, and the new processors can be swapped out for the current ones once they are available, said Suan Davi, Intellistation product manager for IBM.

IBM also Thursday will unveil the APro 6217 workstation, which can be ordered next week through IBM and its channel next week. Pricing starts at $3,200. Both the new dual-core workstation and eServer will be generally available at the end of June, Davi said. Pricing for the e326 server will be available when it ships.

IBM has not officially unveiled plans to ship more AMD-based products than the ones it already has, but sources close to the company said the vendor also is readying a line of dual-core, AMD-based blade servers for release by the summer.

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