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Hackers Working On Cisco Exploit

Late Friday, a law firm representing Internet Security Systems (ISS), the Atlanta security firm whose former employee disclosed a new attack technique on Cisco routers, forced some Web sites to pull copies of the worker's analysis.

And over the weekend, the Reuters wire service reported that hackers have started to work on a Cisco router exploit using former ISS employee Michael Lynn's information.

As expected, some sites were served Friday with legal letters demanding that the PDF copy of Lynn's Black Hat presentation be removed, and have complied. The hard copy of the 35-slide presentation, however, is still available elsewhere on the Internet.

Richard Forno, who hosts the Infowarrior site, posted a copy of the fax he received from ISS attorney Andrew Valentine.

"I write to inform you that you are currently hosting website content that contains proprietary information of ISS that was stolen by a former employee," Valentine wrote. "We demand that you take down the posting immediately.

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