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Greek Geeks Earns High Scores On Olympics Web Site

The 2004 Summer Olympics went off nearly without a hitch.

Not only were the physical venues ready on time—a subject of much worry—but the Olympic Web site,, ran like clockwork. That is no mean feat. Just ask IBM how difficult it is to keep an Olympic Web site running, given the well-publicized snafus it had during the 1996 games in Atlanta.

For that reason, an Athens-based VAR dubbed The Greek Geeks can take a bow. The Greek Geeks, led by General Manager Harris Thomadakis, won the job with Vignette as its portal and content management vendor of choice.

The content management challenge was huge. Aside from displaying static information, the site had to deal with multiple realtime feeds. One set for official final results had to update within minutes of the contests' completion. Other feeds furnished realtime information on events in progress. The various feeds often had their own data format that had to be integrated.

The VAR presented its proposal in February 2003, competing with some 15 companies, Thomadakis said. The field was narrowed to three consortia, one led by his company with Vignette technologies, another that pitched Microsoft technology and a third that included Oracle's wares.

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