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Great, The Hackers Are Taunting Each Other

In Worm Authors Exchange Taunting Messages, writer Gregg Leizer discusses a new find in the recent spate of Worms racking the Internet.

The hackers are taunting each other.

Just what we need! Adolescents, clearly highly intelligent, waging a war of words that not only the whole world does not care about, but that the whole world also does not want. And, more importantly, no one can read these messages.

If this was the 1960's again, and I was Buck Henry or Mel Brooks, my response to such "mad geniuses" would be in the words of Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86 of Control: "If only they used their evil for goodness." (You remember the TV program, "Get Smart," don't you?)

But back to our Worm, or should I say Worms. If our collective Microsoft computers weren't open sieves, we wouldn't have this headache, now, would we? And if only Microsoft would spend the time and money to bring to a product to market that isn't defective, then but that's just a dream. And if that dream came true, then Symantec, Trend Micro, Zone Labs, Bay Networks, WatchGuard, Netgear and a whole host of other companies would either not be in business or would be only a shell of what they are today. So, on second thought, thanks Microsoft, you're really helping the world's economy!