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Google Video: Does The World Need Another DRM Scheme?

Google Inc.'s decision to use its own copyright-protection technology in its online video store announced last week has some tech bloggers asking: Does the world need another DRM system?

Essentially, the Internet search giant's move is forcing people to ponder whether Google is joining Microsoft Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. in using security technology that limit consumers' ability to move content among devices.

A Google spokesman said Monday that the search engine was not releasing details of its digital rights management system, which was mentioned in its launch of the Google Video Store at the Consumer Electronics show.

"We do feel that DRM should be simple for consumers to move their video content between devices, and we intend to work with consumer electronics companies to help make that happen," the spokesman said.

Apple and Microsoft each have their own incompatible proprietary DRM systems. As a result, music bought on Apple's iTunes music store cannot be easily played on portable digital devices that support Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

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