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Google Searches For Software Engineers With IPTV Know-How

Offering a potential peek into the company plans, Google Inc. posted job openings Friday for software engineers with knowledge of television technology. In the Web-site posting, Google said it's looking for people with experience developing client- or server-based applications for consumer devices, such as mobile, TV and games.

"We are hiring well-rounded Software Engineers with a proven track record in creating and deploying robust, high-volume applications for consumer devices," the ad reads.

The positions are based in Mountain View, Calif., and London, and ask that the applicant have experience with content management systems, user interface development for content-rich applications, cable and Internet-protocol television (IPTV) headend systems and digital video technology in embedded systems.

Headend systems are used to process, receive and distribute television signals over a cable television system.

Requirements include strong Java and/or C++ skills and object-oriented design experience, including working knowledge of core libraries and design patterns.

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