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GlobalScape Guides on Earnings

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP) announced today, that fueled by the previously announced DOD order, it expects the second quarter revenues to be between $6.2MM and $6.3MM, growth of 170% over 2nd quarter 2006. "The 2nd quarter will clearly set a net high for us in both revenue and earnings," commented Randy Poole, President and CEO. "While this quarter's numbers should not be looked at as the new standard, neither should they be seen as a one time thing," continued Poole. "We believe that from time to time orders of this magnitude will occur and become a part of our business model. We certainly plan to work to that end. Whether they come in the form of government requirements or through other endeavors, we believe our products meet a market need at this level."