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Global DataGuard Unveils Next Generation 10Gb Network Behavior Analysis And Intrusion Detection/Prevention Modules

DALLAS (BUSINESS WIRE) Global DataGuard, the premier provider of network behavior analysis-based (NBA) Unified Enterprise Security (UES), today announced the availability of 10Gb security devices to meet the growing demand of customers moving to higher speed networks. The Detection + Prevention Module (DPM) and Behavioral Correlation Module (BCM) are among the first appliances to utilize the next generation Xeon hardware platform, providing up to 2.5 times more memory bandwidth and twice the energy efficiency of other hardware platforms. Global DataGuard has optimized its UES software to leverage key 5500 series features such as hyperthreading, faster memory, and I/O acceleration technology -- enhancements necessary to fully address 10Gb network performance requirements.

Utilizing the 550 series platform, Global DataGuard's 10Gb models now offer more than twice the memory bandwidth and can complete more work per clock cycle. In addition to improved processor performance, memory capacity and network throughput, they now boast up to two times the energy efficiency benefits, enabling more "work per watt." As much as 20 to 50 percent more work can be achieved at the same power consumption level, depending on the application. Other features include enhanced reliability and manageability as well as faster networking and virtualization through hardware acceleration.

A passive intrusion detection and prevention device, the Detection + Prevention Module (DPM) hosts a signature intrusion detection engine and an intelligent packet inspection and capture system that can analyze raw network packet data, then select and transfer suspicious packets to the Behavioral Correlation Module (BCM) for further behavior analysis. The DPM monitors and blocks network and customer-defined threats, potentially suspicious employee activity, evidence of malware, infections, and security policy and compliance violations.

Global DataGuard's Behavioral Correlation Module (BCM) can identify and track network traffic over long periods of time, and automatically generates alerts once suspicious activity is analyzed. The BCM identifies reconnaissance activity, unknown attacks and zero-day attacks - filling the gap left by traditional signature detection systems. It also guards against threats from within, providing alerts for resource violations, infections, abuse of privileges and misuse of corporate assets.

All of Global DataGuard's industrial-strength security applications are architecture-based, so they work together by sharing and correlating information to provide a deeper context to threats and attack reconnaissance. Every product is also backed by 24/7 Managed Security and Professional Services. With unified administration, monitoring and reporting, an integrated network security ticketing system and world-class managed services, Global DataGuard's holistic approach to security provides for the earliest warnings of threats, dramatically reduces false positives, and enables unparalleled management of a company's total information security environment.

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