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GlassHouse Unveils Capacity Reporting Service

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- GlassHouse Technologies, a leading independent IT infrastructure consulting and services firm, today announced the launch of its Storage Capacity Reporting Service, powered by Aptare StorageConsole, which provides IT leaders real-time intelligence on their storage capacity and thresholds. Understanding where storage assets are being utilized, balancing current and future growth demands, and allocating appropriate business resources to support storage initiatives have proved to be ongoing challenges for todays IT manager. The GlassHouse service alleviates these pain points and helps IT managers obtain greater control over storage management and resource allocation, which is extremely important in an economic climate that requires businesses to operate as efficiently as possible.

The Storage Capacity Reporting Service is a Software-as-a-Service model that monitors storage capacity information using complete Web-based, end-to-end reporting from hosts to storage arrays. The service also proactively identifies future storage needs based on usage levels and growth metrics and suggests alternate storage practices to help alleviate wasteful practices.

“With the current economic landscape, it has never been so important for organizations to streamline operations and ensure they are running efficiently,” said Michael Tobin, vice president at GlassHouse. “But if you can’t measure it, how can you manage it? Our 24x7 portal and detailed reports uncover available storage in your environment, allowing you to reclaim and utilize existing assets and delay additional purchases.”

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