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GlassHouse Offers Virtualization Optimization Service

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- GlassHouse Technologies, a leading independent IT infrastructure consulting and services firm, today announced the launch of its Virtualization Optimization Service, which provides unparalleled visibility into the management of virtual infrastructures. This new managed service offers detailed reports, relevant metrics and extensive analysis from vendor-independent professionals with deep technical knowledge and hands-on experience working with virtualization technologies. The service provides 24/7 monitoring and actionable recommendations on optimizing virtual environments for maximum efficiency and cost-savings.

Complementing GlassHouses Managed Services for Virtualized Environments offering, the Virtualization Optimization Service helps companies capitalize on their new or existing virtual infrastructure by providing visibility into the environment with rationalized performance and monitoring reports. Offering knowledge and expertise at a time when virtualization resources are scarce, this service extends the benefits of virtual infrastructure beyond server consolidation to include improved service levels and measurable, ongoing ROI.

”In the last several years, enterprises have been rapidly adopting virtualization technologies due to its ability to corral sever sprawl,” said Rob Wilson, director of virtualization services at GlassHouse Technologies. “Now that companies have realized the consolidation benefits, organizations are now exploring best ways to optimize their virtual investments to ensure the greatest return - especially in this cost-conscious economy. Our new service provides organizations with the visibility and management tools necessary to achieve these returns in spite of mounting reductions in resources.”

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