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GAO: Defense Blows Billions

There's the age-old debate about whether the U.S. military actually needs to spend thousands of dollars apiece on toilets and screwdrivers. But what about spending on even more expensive computer and technology gear?

The General Accounting Office has come up with some startling claims, saying the DOD has completely botched its role in developing its technology systems and has wasted billions of dollars, according to a report it issued this week. It also says the government should take some tips from Wal-Mart

We visited Wal-Mart to compare what they were doing with supply chain management to what the Department of Defense was doing,” said Gregory Kutz, author of a new GAO report, in an interview today. The GAO found that while Wal-Mart knows where a single toothbrush is, the DOD has no way of knowing the location of a defective chemical-biological protective suit...

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— Evan Koblentz, Senior Editor, Next-gen Data Center Forum