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Full-Disk Encryption Suites


Corporate america, universities and government entities alike are under the gun to stop data leakage from mobile devices gone astray. We decided to sight in on the best way to keep data safe if hardware falls into the wrong hands--full-disk encryption.

Implementing a full-disk encryption suite across the enterprise isn't easy. Nor is it inexpensive: The least costly product we tested runs close to $70 per device even at 1,000 seats. So yes, cost and complexity are significant, but so is the threat: In the 2006 CSI/FBI survey, laptop/mobile hardware theft was second only to viruses as the most prevalent type of attack detected in the past 12 months, cited by nearly half of respondents. Losses per respondent increased from $19,562 in 2005 to $30,057 in 2006. Constant media scrutiny of laptop thefts means money spent on encryption could pay off in good PR.

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