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FUDBuster: HP Fires Carly Fiornia--What's Next?

FUDBust: Radical restructuring and a flashy CEO are about the last things the ailing Palo Alto, Calif., company needs. A high-profile executive globe-trotting around in a Gulfstream? Been there. A blockbuster acquisition (anyone remember Compaq)? Done that.

What HP needs to do right now is stay together, focus on what it does best and, above all, bring back "The HP Way." By spinning off profitable business units, the company will hang its other, struggling groups out to dry. By ignoring a proven and obvious CEO candidate--Vyomesh Joshi, who runs the company's printing business--HP is playing Russian roulette with its management team yet again. And by failing to refocus--or take advantage of--its R&D efforts, the company is losing its most valuable asset: its proven track record of innovation and exploration.