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Forrester Research Questions the Future of NAC

A new Forrester Research report issues a gloomy forecast for the future of network access control products, at least in their current state.

Two years ago, I predicted a few of the root causes to the problems that Forrester is pointing out. However, the situation is not as dire as the analyst firm is making it seem. Yes, the policies are complex and the integration isn't where it needs to be. And no, NAC won't solve all your security problems. I'm not even sure it's solving the *right* security problem, which is controlling access to data. But NAC does have its uses.
Mike Fratto
NWC Technology Editor

In the report "Client Management 2.0," Forrester says things are going so poorly with existing NAC solutions that though 40 percent of companies surveyed have started deploying the security technology, only 4 percent have completed their implementation.

NAC technology promises some compelling features, including the ability to validate the integrity of any incoming device before letting it access the network and to quarantine any device that violate IT security policies. But Forrester contends the effectiveness of NAC is limited by both policy and technical constraints.

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