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FireID Extends Google Two-Factor Authentication

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, October 4. FireID has seamlessly integrated support for Google's recently released two-factor authentication offering into the FireID mobile security solution - extending the Google offering to a broader range of mobile platforms, The FireID solution means that businesses can have the functionality of Google's two-factor security on a wide variety of phones and platforms beyond the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices supported by Google, a capability that affords the enterprise low long-term costs around maintenance and support and an end-to-end enterprise authentication solution.

"FireID focuses on strong authentication and is committed to remaining the leading innovator in providing authentication solutions on all mobile platforms," says Jenny Dugmore, CEO of FireID. "Security is a strategic imperative for enterprises and this is not resolved with a point solution. More enterprises are recognising the importance of two-factor authentication and the mobile phone is clearly the most cost effective and practical option. FireID's solution is an ideal extension to the Google platform, giving it greater reach and, since it is out-of-band, gives the solution stronger security than traditional solutions."

"The fact that we were able to integrate Google's authentication functionality into our solution, and extend the platform coverage of Google's solution, is indicative of our strong emphasis on technical excellence. We have developed a flexible mobile authentication platform, and are able to respond quickly to the dynamic customer requirements encountered in the market. Security is a challenge that requires constant innovation and change, and we're committed to maintaining a very high level of innovation to achieve this," says Malan Joubert, CTO FireID.

This solution allows Google's two factor authentication to run within FireID's application on a single integrated platform, negating the need to manage separate sets of infrastructure. In addition Google Apps users will be able to leverage FireID's simple and easy to use download process. FireID uniquely offers automatic phone detection and application install, as well as an online tutorial for installation guidance, making this an unsurpassed authentication solution.

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