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Fios Launches On-Demand E-Discovery Service

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fios Inc., a Socha-Gelbmann top 5 provider of electronic discovery services, today unveiled its newest service offering, Fios On Request (FOR™). The new, on-demand service is designed to help legal teams quickly and affordably process, analyze, cull and review potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) associated with small litigation matters, internal investigations and early evidence assessments. FOR, delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, is being demonstrated this week at LegalTech® New York 2009.

“The e-discovery market has changed tremendously over the past year. Pressures to reduce expenses and conserve cash are make it more challenging for corporations to meet the evolving legal requirements driven by the federal rules and the courts,” said Gerald Massey, president and CEO of Fios. “Fios is directly addressing this market need with Fios On Request. This new service line will help our clients rapidly respond to discovery in smaller matters without consuming capital dollars, incurring cost solely on a just-in-time basis.”

Fios Inc.